Pen & Ink
London Circles Series: Worship 6 Colour Screen Print 500 x 500 mm Edition of 25
Wardian Case
London Circles Series: Wardian Case 6 Colour Screen Print 500 x 500 mm Edition of 25
London Lore
London Circles Series: London Lore 4 Colour Screen Print 500 x 500 mm Edition of 25 A Map of the Capitals' Lost, Forgotten and Imagined Oranges & Lemons -...
Maya's White Elephant
Maya's White Elephant Pen & Ink 376x594mm It is interesting to combine symbols of strength and fertility from different aspects of human culture - I was reading...
Storm In a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup Woodblock Print & Pen and Ink 245 x 245 mm
A Roost for Every Bird
A Roost for Every Bird Pen & Ink 297x420 mm London is a roost for every bird - Benjamin Disraeli About
London Time
London Circles Series: London Time 6 Colour Screen Print 500 x 500 mm Edition of 25
Baby in the Bathtub
Baby in the Bathtub Pen & Ink 841x594mm The insufferable arrogance of human beings to think that Nature was made solely for their benefit, as if it was...
A Roost For Every Bird ii
London Circles Series: A Roost For Every Bird II 7 Colour Screen Print 500 x 500 mm Edition of 25
Blauen Blüten
Blauen Blüten Acrylic Ink 160x420mm
Fate Pen & Ink 297x420 mm
Brawny Gods Just Flocked Up
Brawny Gods Just Flocked Up Pen & Ink 594x420mm
Sadbh (Prononuced Sithe) Pen & Ink 300x300mm Sadhbh pronounced Sive, is a belle of irish mythology who was turned into a doe for refusing the love of the evil...
So Far So Good
So Far So Good Pen & Ink 420x594mm The story of a man falling towards the ground and thinking 'so far so good' was the basis for this drawing. The falling cats...
Monkey King
Monkey King Pen & Ink 297x297mm
Ophelia Pen & Ink 594x420mm
The Old Man and the Sea
The Old Man and the Sea Pen & Ink 594x420mm Apart from obvious references to The Great Wave and the book by Ernest Hemingway, this drawing also relates to a...
1881 Mitcham Lea
1881 Mitcham Lea (Sixteen Branches) Pen & Ink 420x297mm Won't you buy my sweet blooming lavender, Sixteen branches one penny, Ladies fair make no delay, I...
Point Of View
Point Of View Pen & Ink 420x594mm I spent a lot of time when I was preparing this drawing looking at the mid-section of large trees and working out how best to...
Treetown Response to 'Tree Town' by Jérémie Royer Pen & Ink for Textile Print 594x420mm
Goosebumps Pen & Ink 594x420mm
The King's Garden
The King's Garden Pen & Ink 420x297mm
Camping Pen & Ink 297x420mm
Brisstyle Pen & Ink 420x297mm
Map of a World
Map of a World Pen & Ink 594x420mm
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek Pen & Acrylic Ink 594x420mm
Brisstyle Studies
City Studies Pen & Ink
Illustrated Proverbs
Proverbial Illustrations: "Don't Sell the Sun to Buy a Candle" & "Only a Fool Tests the Depth of the Water with Both Feet"
Commission celebrating the engagement of Kylie-Ellen Edwards & Christopher Gliddon
Doom Bar / Sharp's Breweries
Commission for Sharp's Brewery. Illustration for The Mariners Public House, telling the story behind Doom Bar.